Webinar Series

Exploring Experiential Retail Design

Episode 01  

People, Place and Time 

In the first of our episodes, Ian and Alex dissect the industry catchphrase of the moment, ‘experiential retail’. What is it, and why is everyone talking about it? Acknowledging the lack of a common industry language to define ‘experiential retail’, we will reveal a conceptual framework that we use with our clients to develop the most appropriate in-store solutions.
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Episode 02

Place and Customer Journey  

Here, we will explore how getting the basics right first is key to any in-store experience and customer journey. This relates to how the store works and is often referred to as providing a ‘frictionless’ retail experience with the careful integration of Experiential Retail Design practices. With this foundation, retailers can start to deliver the five main retail missions: Functional, Social, Escapist, Educational and Entertainment.


Quinine_Design_03. WEBINAR ONE -  BLANKEpisode 03

The Functional Experience

In the third episode, we take a deeper dive into ‘functional’ customer missions. This is where it all started… with people going to a shop to achieve a particular goal. But what constitutes a functional experience today, and why are they still so important? Using example scenarios, we look at how the retail experience framework (introduced in Episode 01) can help retailers to provide functional experiences for customers and make the in-store journey more meaningful and memorable.





Episode 04

The Social Experience

In our fourth episode, we will consider ‘social’ customer missions. These are about making face-to-face connections and using shopping to feel part of the community. We’ll look at how ‘social’ customer missions work and why they are so important. Using examples, we will explore how the Retail Experience Framework (introduced in Episode 01) can help retailers to provide social connections and interactions for customers in store.



Quinine_Design_06. WEBINAR ONE -  BLANK
Episode 05

The Educational Experience

In the next episode, we will tackle ‘educational’ customer missions. These are retail experiences that also offer self-improvement or learning opportunities. We look at how they work and their value to retailers. Using real-life scenarios, we will show how the Retail Experience Framework (introduced in Episode 01) and Experiential Retail Design can help retailers to provide educational activities for customers that provide new and exciting reasons to go into store.





Quinine_Design_07. WEBINAR ONE -  BLANKEpisode 06

The Entertainment Experience

Here, we will investigate ‘entertainment’ customer missions. These are curated events or participation opportunities in store. Using examples, we will demonstrate how the Retail Experience Framework can help retailers to provide entertaining experiences for customers, while making the in-store journey more fun, and enjoyable.


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05. WEBINAR ONE - BLANK17Episode 07

The Escapist Experience

Here, we will examine ‘escapist’ customer missions, where people shop for the sake of it, or just to be immersed into the retail landscape for a few hours. We’ll unpick the reasons for escapist missions and consider their significance. Highlighting examples, we will show how the Retail Experience Framework can help retailers to provide escapist experiences for customers customers using Experiential Retail Design.


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