Thought Leadership

Provoking discussion around the retail experience

WEB TL TRANSFOR FORMATS18Transform existing formats

Why transforming an existing retail format might be a better idea than starting from scratch. In the past few years, technological transformation, changing demographics and demanding customers have driven many retailers to explore new retail formats. It’s easy to understand the allure, but is this always the right path?






The problem with RFPsRFP_HERO

Most people will tell you that this type of engagement is a waste of time and money, for both client and agency. So why do companies continue to use such outdated methods for procuring creative services? Of course, an RFP is perfectly acceptable for items that can be accurately and consistently compared. Things like paper clips, pens and toilet paper! But is an RFP the right way to secure an expert to consult on complex design problems?





THOUGHT LEADERSHIP_COMMUNICATINGCommunicating in your client's language

A vital and often overlooked aspect of the designer's job is how we communicate that vision to clients, collaborators and suppliers. Poor communication means many great ideas don’t make it beyond the drawing board. If clients don’t buy into the idea to start with, it just won’t happen.How, when and where you communicate your idea can all influence the outcome and need to be considered carefully. 





THOUGHT LEADERSHIP_MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCEWhat makes a meaningful retail experience?

At Quinine, our work always involves design research. We focus on understanding human interactions and relationships with the physical world. To promote this understanding, we use a variety of techniques to collect the most insightful information — sometimes from our clients’ customers, otherwise by conducting our own research projects.




THOUGHT LEADERSHIP_STAFFBetter customer experiences start with Staff

The customer is king, or so we’ve been told. Of course, the customer sits at the centre of our thinking, but you need to look at retail experience through a variety of lenses to create successful retail strategy. The task is too large and the risks too great to use a singular customer-centric approach.




THOUGHT LEADERSHIP_VRThe power of virtual reality

The best retail designers are not only great ideas people, they’re also highly skilled at explaining and selling in their concepts. Charisma and eloquence count in these early stages, convincing the client to part with their precious budget is a tall order at the best of times. However, since the earliest days, designers have always needed a little help in showing what’s in their heads.






Inspired by immersive, interactive theatre

Inspired by a recent trip to an interactive theatre experience called ‘Alice’s Adventures Underground’. Instead of taking a seat, the viewer becomes part of an optical illusion installation. The experience is immersive, engaging, and gets you physically involved. It was a very powerful experience — one that should be used far more in retail environments.