Design Principles

Exploring theories that underpin our work


Right Place Right Time -- Right Turn Preference

A retail design theory that we often get asked about, especially here in the UK, is the ‘Right Turn Preference’. Also known as the ‘Invariant Right’ this is a principle that suggests that we as human beings have a tendency to turn to the right when we begin to navigate a space or enter a room.


Preference for Parabolas -- Contour bias

Many features of the everyday objects and environments we encounter lead to us making quick judgements about them, sometimes without even realising that we have. Colour, scale and shape all have a measurable effect on how we relate to an environment or object


DESIGN PRINCIPLES - GOLDEN RATIOLife of Phi -- the Golden Ratio

For thousands of years, the Golden Ratio has been a part of our lives. It has been the cause of endless studies and debate throughout time. Some seek to understand why it appeared with such frequency in our natural and built worlds. Others believe it is nothing more than a mathematical concept layered into discussion whenever convenient.   

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Ceiling is believing -- the 'Cathedral' effect

Successful retail design is about far more than mere look and feel. Environments should have a positive impact on the customers and staff who use the space — as designers, it’s our job to find interesting ways to do this. Understanding the ‘cathedral effect’ is one way to help this. 





DESIGN PRINCIPLES - PRIMING HEROThe prime of life -- the 'Priming' effect

Since the 1970s, there has been a huge amount of research into ‘priming’. The depth, detail and complexity of information makes it difficult to understand the different levels of impact this phenomenon can have on our behavior. But today, most leading researchers agree that priming affects us all to some extent.