Episode 06 - Wednesday 13th March, 5pm

The Entertainment Experience

Join leading retail experience consultancy, Quinine in episode 06:
The Entertainment Experience on Wednesday 13th March, 5pm.

With retailers focusing on creating immersive and engaging interactions in store they overlook the value in defining the simple parts of the customer journey that make up a good retail experience.

In this next episode, we will investigate ‘entertainment’ customer missions. These are curated events or participation opportunities in store. Using examples, we will demonstrate how the Retail Experience Framework can help retailers to provide entertaining experiences for customers, while making the in-store journey more fun, and enjoyable.

The webinar format…
We have some great insights to share and we are making the series easy to access with bitesize sessions - 25 minute of insights, followed by Q&A.


Ian Johnston
Founder and Creative Director @Quinine
Ian’s passion for integrating user understanding into design provides the inspiration, direction and approach for the firm, which transforms store environments to create more effective face-to-face experiences for customers, brands and their staff.
Alex Whitlow
Design Director @Quinine
An experienced specialist in the design of experiential concepts and delivery of retail environments, Alex’s work at Quinine involves him with some of the largest comms brands in the UK and USA.